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remcuahiendai.com is a sophisticated internet marketing tool for internet specialists and modern users. Our mission is to provide value in form of extracting technologies used on modern websites, tracking their usage across countries and languages, as well as providing access to marketing specialists to these specialised data. How can you use remcuahiendai.com yourself?

  • Try our user-friendly web interface for searching for specialised websites. Combine usage of keywords on websites, meta tags, sites that contains special technology and much more.
  • For marketing specialists and agencies – forget about the time-consuming search for a specific area. Are you looking for travel websites which have not implemented in any ad system yet? Are you looking for sites that link to your competitors? No problem!
  • We cover all the internet. Yes, it took us months to find domains which at least have some content. Did you know that almost 60 percent of internet domains are filled with parking ads, are redirected to another domain, and are almost useless for your purposes?
  • Our pricing policy is very friendly. For a fixed monhtly fee, you can easily access all our data for the given month.

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Meta categories

We work hard to discover technologies in use on the internet. Currently, we cover more than 800 different websites technologies, covering commercial stuff like advertising network used, affiliate networks, analytics software, and even funny things like usage of Javascript widgets across the web.

Category Technology count  
Advertising industry 134  
Javascript frameworks 134  
Travel 80  
Analytics software 76  
Content managament systems 69  
Buttons and Badges 59  
HTML Widgets 55  
E-commerce 41  
HTML tags 22  
Online Media 20  
Payment systems 18  
Online Maps 14  
Affiliate 13  
Visitor tracking 11  

Complete list of technologies we can search for

Select technology:

Title Tag 3,878,457  
Description 2,002,799  
H1 Tag 1,777,011  
Google Universal Analytics 1,776,435  
H2 Tag 1,706,793  
Keywords 1,706,676  
Generator 1,031,618  
RSS Tag 965,192  
Robots Tag 824,151  
Canonical Tag 647,125  
Viewport Tag 632,661  

For complete list of technologies we can find, please contact us first.