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How to Create a Website and Its Benefits

You must have often heard the word website, and even access it almost every day. Websites play a role in sharing important and current information, so that it is easier for people to know what is going on. In addition, the website can also be used to promote your business. Therefore, you need to know how to create a website and its benefits.

Reasons Why Websites are Important for Businesses?

Currently, most of the customers, especially from the millennial generation and generation Z hope to be able to easily find product information through the internet. Then you can buy it online. Well, through a website you can introduce products and reach potential customers appropriately.

On the other hand, creating a website for digital marketing can also help improve personal branding and achieve the expected sales figures. However, of course you need to optimize your website to be able to compete with competitors on search engines. You also have to pay attention to competitor websites to get a clear picture of your product’s digital marketing strategy going forward.

Steps to Create a Website

There are many articles or tutorials to learn how to make a website easily that can be followed from the internet. You can even learn it through free online courses. Yes, making a website does not have to go through the use of developer or programmer services. You can create your own, including landing pages, even if you don’t know coding.

Here are some ways to create a website that must be considered so that your website looks more professional.

Choosing the Right CMS or Platform

Currently, there are many content management systems (CMS) available that offer convenience for you to build websites, such as the WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla platforms. Each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to carefully consider what platform to use and adjust it to your needs. Make sure you master every feature of the platform so that it is easier for you to maintain and optimize the website.
Determining Domain Name and Hosting

The domain name should reflect the product, service or personal brand you want, so that customers can find your business on search engines. Generally, consumers expect the same domain name as your business or product name because it is easier to find.

To make it look professional, you can use your website’s domain name as your business email address. You also need to rent hosting. Domains and hosting are usually sold together for a certain fee, according to the type of domain extension and the desired hosting storage capacity. Then, it must be renewed every year.

Performing the Website Installation and Configuration Process

After purchasing hosting and domains, you need to install a Content Management System (CMS) and start managing the main appearance of your website. There are many tutorials that you can find on the internet and help with the installation process. You can also ask experts by joining web developer forums.

Filling Content and Optimizing

This is one of the important tips for making a website, namely content and optimization. After you have a website, you need to fill in content in the form of information about your product, company profile and so on. Not only that, you also have to do optimization so that your website ranks at the top in search engines. Make sure you provide the correct contact details to make it easier for customers to contact.

Benefits of a Website for Your Business

Apart from being a place to shop online, the website turns out to have many benefits for business people as follows.

Building Personal Branding

Through the website, you can introduce your self-image or also known as personal branding. If the branding that you introduce to the public is good, it will also have a good impact on the products developed. Positive personal branding also adds credibility to the business, so customers will trust and be willing to use the products you promote.

Providing Relevant Information

Apart from personal branding, a website also serves to provide relevant information about your business. You can create articles about product advantages, customer testimonials and other things, such as special offers or discounts to consumers.

As a Digital Marketing Platform

In today’s digital era, business people have switched from traditional promotional media to digital promotional media. Therefore, the website can be used as a promotional media or digital marketing which will certainly save marketing costs. You do not need to print brochures and so on, but customers will come to you by themselves through the information accessed on search engines.
Making Profit

After doing SEO optimization both On Page and Off Page on your website, you can bring in high visitor traffic. Well, this can be used as a conversion if the visitor decides to buy a product that is marketed through your website.

In a longer period of time, the website also has the opportunity to make money from Google Ads Express, of course after you register your website and it is approved by Google.

Currently, many tutorials on how to create a website are available on the internet. As a business person, you need to have a website to promote your products and reach a wider range of customers.

An easy way to create a website is to choose a platform according to your needs. Then register a domain name and choose hosting. Plus doing the installation and filling content as well as optimization.